Ukrainian Carpathian mountains. Life does not disappear in remote valleys, as well as just a century ago. Shepherds live cut off from the usual civilized world for 5 months during the year. Chief of shepherds manages his valley. He picks up young shepherds for help. Then they gather from surrounding villages sheep, horses, and cows. The yield on the mountain valley in May and way down in September is a feast for locals.

The work lasts from 5 am to midnight seven days a week. The shepherds graze sheep every day passing up to 30km. Twice a day they milk sheep and cook cheese. Sleep at night is not always possible, because they have to protect the herd from wolves. They keep fire at three shelters around the herd during the night.

Bonfire is most important thing in the valley. All the food and cheese prepares on it. No electricity and poor mobile phone coverage. Only voices from the old radio and reed pipe entertain shepherds.